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Includes 1 phosphorescent T-shirt that glows in the dark + 25 filters with your favorite packaging, the 25BOX.

  • Cold wash/Cold rinse cycle
  • Wash and dry with the vinyl inside (the t-shirt inside out)

In our first t-shirt we present the 12 Originals shapes we were born with.
We have opted for a simple and daring design, the JanoFilters logo in a double front embroidery and a striking and powerful green phosphorescent vinyl running along the spine in a waterfall style.

"Phosphorescence is the ability of a material to store light energy and deliver it little by little."

The more light you charge your vinyl with, the more light it will be able to deliver
and it will shine for longer.

The power and energy of sunlight are unbeatable! In a few seconds, it will be fully charged!


S + 25BOX de regalo, M + 25BOX de regalo, L + 25BOX de regalo, XL + 25BOX de regalo