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Includes 1 phosphorescent T-shirt that glows in the dark + 25 filters with your favorite packaging, the 25BOX.

  • Cold wash/Cold rinse cycle
  • Wash and dry with the vinyl inside (the t-shirt inside out)

In our first t-shirt we present the 12 Originals shapes we were born with.
We have opted for a simple and daring design, the JanoFilters logo in a double front embroidery and a striking and powerful green phosphorescent vinyl running along the spine in a waterfall style.

"Phosphorescence is the ability of a material to store light energy and deliver it little by little."

Contra más luz le cargues a tu vinilo, más luz será capaz de entregarte
y brillará durante más tiempo.

The power and energy of sunlight are unbeatable! In a few seconds, it will be fully charged!


S + 25BOX de regalo, M + 25BOX de regalo, L + 25BOX de regalo, XL + 25BOX de regalo