After talking with many of you through Instagram and some emails, we find it interesting to make this page to somehow collect the most frequent doubts or questions that you have been sending us.

The first and by far;

How many times can I use each filter?

We always say 3-7 uses depending on how resinous your mix is. But really the best answer is "yourself", until you don't want to use it anymore, right? There are super scrupulous people who use it only once because what they like is its design, it's cool that it's rigid and how well the smoke flows with slight differences and textures between models. There are people who use a filter "to spend the afternoon" because they like the concept of "that afternoon's filter", for example I use a filter for each working day, there is always one on the table and I use it 2- 4 times that day and no more.

You have also sent us videos washing them or maintaining them in various ways that we will now explain later. In that case, you have a better answer than JanoFilters can give, since how many times are you going to wash it and how?

What material are they made of?

100% PLA. An organic polymer, biocompostable and extracted 100% from natural resources; corn starch, potato starch, sugar cane... We constantly try to communicate it and include it in the packaging, but even so, this question continues to be very frequent.

So so that it doesn't seem like we're trying to sell the motorcycle, here's a link that explains the material in depth, the 100% renewable resources through which it is obtained, its uses in new generation packaging and its already established use in medicine for the last 25 years.

Of the entire document, we are left with the last sentence of the analysis.

«PLA is a polymer that we will see a lot of in the future as it is a true innovation in packaging materials.»

Well gentlemen, the future is here. And here we have come to stay.

Here we leave you another link of interest about the assumed danger that the use of common plastics entails, some general advice to fight against it in our day-to-day consumption and how different and popular PLA is going to become in the near future. :

We encourage you to look for as much information as you need, there are thousands of blogs and articles about PLA, but these are the ones we have found that gather the most easy-to-understand data without going into chemistry... 

How do I wash them?

The best we can answer that is experiment and let us know what happened. The purpose was to create a reusable-disposable that was washable with most of the techniques with which conventional paraphernalia is washed. Here we detail the ones that we believe are most advisable within those that you have sent us these years, (how heavy to say years already hahahah) #gracias

– “I have given them a few laps bathed in alcohol for 10/15 minutes in a small glass and then a jet of cold water from the tap and they are like new”..

This is the most used technique to clean all paraphernalia in general. 

Theoretically, the alcohol helps to remove the oils and resins from the places where it arrives. So that the resin accumulated with use can easily escape with a basic wash, we always strive to design geometries that facilitate the flow of smoke, alcohol and water. In the case of the Janos, keep in mind that they are rigid sponges that absorb everything you throw at them, so be generous with the subsequent water rinse... After the alcohol bath, you can start rinsing with a jet of hot water from the tap directly and finish with cold water. Finally, comment that drying in the sun is magical so that the smell in the Janos disappears.

– “I rubbed them with a brush with soapy water and they were impeccable” 

Like everything in life, using rubbing or brushing tools helps to penetrate more during cleaning. Even if it is organic soap, we recommend a generous rinse with cold water before putting them to dry.

Others have put them to rest in hot water or even almost boiling milk and let's see... hold on, hold on. But these techniques are not particularly recommended. Theoretically, PLA melts from 150ºC, but at 60/70ºC its glass transition begins, which is basically the transition between solid and liquid where the pieces begin to lose dimensional stability and it is easy for them to deform when removed from the pot hahahah It is precisely with water, the Sun and oxygen that this material degrades the most, so if we heat it up with each wash, we will be opening the pores of the skin to the material every two by three and the first thing it will lose It is the color of the areas where it has been exposed to more heat, leaving a crude white appearance. Subsequently and with several washes, these whitish areas are the ones that will become more brittle.

Para incitar a reutilizar los filtros y llevártelos a casa para limpiar, presentamos una gama de packagings rellenables con agujeros/ventanitas para airearlos y felpas/fieltros estratégicamente colocados para frotar el exceso de resina antes de volver a guardar el filtro usado. Cuando liamos directo con un Jano (sin usar el filtro del piti) recomendamos retirar el filtro 2-3mm pasada la mitad de nuestro canuto, con el fin de castigarlo menos y que nos dure más usos. En los destacados de nuestro perfil de instagram @janofilters tenemos el apartado “consejos” con unos cuantos vídeos ilustrando estas guías para alargar la vida útil de tus Janos 🙂

Apart from the online store, is there a physical point of sale where I can buy Janos?

We are very excited that you visit this map and even more excited, updating it every month, we are not only in Spain anymore ^^

Do you ship to...?

Yessss! We make express shipments 24/48 working hours to all of Peninsular Spain. Outside the Peninsula they do not offer us the same price or the same term, but we can make express shipments to individuals and businesses throughout Europe. For international shipments outside of Europe, it is better to contact by mail at:

How can we sell your product in our store?

We are still excited every time a grow or tobacconist arrives and tells us that customers have come asking for our products. Thank you! thank you and from the bottom of my heart! If you want to distribute JanoFilters in your business, contact us through the contact of this same online store or through the email and we will send you the catalog / price list for distributor.

Are they also used for tobacco?

For my taste it shoots too much for a piti hahahaha Honestly, they were not conceptualized for tobacco. We present them as a replacement/evolution of the traditional cardboard, a solids filter that had the maximum possible flow without allowing anything but smoke to enter.

On the other hand, it is true that we have evidence of users who have used them solely and exclusively for their rolling tobacco and say that they love it and that it lasts much longer than the 3 or 7 uses that we always say. Tobacco is not normally resinous, so it actually makes sense that they would be less messy than with other dressings…

How do I choose my ring size?

To measure the diameter of the finger, surround it with a non-elastic string, tightening a little and it should measure between 50 and 75mm. Divide that measurement by 3.14 and you will get the approximate diameter of your finger.

If you are going to buy more than one ring, we recommend buying 2 different sizes, the one you think is in the position of a normal ring and a smaller size for the second phalanx of the finger.

How do you put on/orient the ring so that I get all the gestures and tricks in the ad?

Once you finish rolling the blunt and before lighting it on:

1. Extend the hand with which you are going to wear the ring with the palm of your hand facing you.

2. Put the ring on your index finger and oriented straight in this position, not in the position of a normal ring. By putting it “on this side” you will be able to use your PION more comfortably with your thumb. If you put it oriented like a common ring there will be several gestures and games that we don't think you'll get to hahaha it will be like licking your elbow.

3. Grab your bundle FROM the Jano or the filter of your cigar with the tips of the fingers of the other hand and go through the tail of PION until the end, if it is a Jano it will clack hahah if it is a cigar it will simply be hugged in a soft touch. These 5-10mm that you use to hold the filter with your fingertips, will be the 5-10mm of filter that you will be leaving for your lips, do not put it flush because later you will not be able to smoke and you will have to turn the ring around and take it out again hahahah calm down, if it happens to you, surely it will only be once.

4. The logo on the animal's back indicates where we recommend to press with the thumb of THE hand while inserting or removing the Janos with the other hand . If you cannot completely cover the logo with your thumb, the ring is probably not aligned as we had thought.

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