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Impossible Tainer = Shredder + air-tight container + impossible aperture🙂

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We are super pleased to present what we consider our best invention to date!

The first time that the engineering is more important than the design itself, resulting this discreet and compact little box that you can only open when you know the secret trick.

Inside you’ll find an airtight container and a smooth shredding zone made of stainless steel.

We called it IMPOSSIBLE TAINER because we really believe that is IMPOSSIBLE to open until you know how.

It is not about strength nor smashing it to the ground, it is about thinking out of the box. An experiencial product that, further than useful, aims to create laughs and iconic memories, challenges and bets with your friends.

With this product we invite you to think beyond and join us on the way of solving problems and challenges from a creative thinking. As always in Jano… nothing is what it seems. Not even what it sounds😉

Aspectual and formally, we tried to distance it as much as possible from the archetype of common shredders or med-tainers, because if we make reminiscences of other products from other markets, such as portable speakers or decorative sculptures (that you don't try to open), we would be minimizing the first danger, the risk of someone finding out what it is and trying to open it. To do so, it was also important that you could not smell anything from the outside and the locking/unlocking mechanism must be totally counter-intuitive. All of these goals/restrictions, without penalizing the experience that you will have once you already have solved the puzzle. We had to ensure that, once you know how, it takes literally 1 second to open it. And we got it ^^


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