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PION is the most characterful joint holder in the world. Presented in a kit with 25 filters to use right out of the box. (photo gallery at the end)



To measure the diameter of the finger, surround it with a non-elastic string, tightening a little and it should measure between 50 and 75mm. Divide that measurement by 3.14 and you will get the approximate diameter of your finger.

If you are going to buy more than one ring, we recommend buying 2 different sizes, the one you think is in the position of a normal ring and a smaller size for the second phalanx of the finger.


In tribute to the Scorpio horoscope, we shaped this agile and flexible character. He tends to always look forward and with momentum, you will notice it with its 180º + 180º turns driven by powerful neodymium magnets that make it the perfect complement to compete in a good table tennis. Being two separate pieces (RING + PION) that constantly seek to be aligned in one of their two positions, we get multiple crazy ways to throw the ash with fast and aggressive movements.

Once you finish rolling the blunt and before lighting it on:

1. Extend the hand with which you are going to wear the ring with the palm of your hand facing you.

2. Put the ring on your index finger and oriented straight in this position, not in the position of a normal ring. By putting it “on this side” you will be able to use your PION more comfortably with your thumb. If you put it oriented like a common ring there will be several gestures and games that we don't think you'll get to hahaha it will be like licking your elbow.

3. Grab your blunt FROM the Jano or the filter of your cigar with the fingertips of the other hand and go over the PION's tail to the end, if it is a Jano it will make a clack sound hahah if it is a cigar it will simply be hugged in a soft-touch. These 5-10mm that you will use to grasp the filter with your fingertips, will be the 5-10mm of filter that you will be leaving for the lips, do not put it too close because afterwards you will not be able to smoke and you will have to turn the ring over and take it out again hahahah calm down, if it happens to you, sure it will only be once.

4. The logo on the animal's back indicates where we recommend to press with the thumb of THE hand while inserting or removing the Janos with the other hand . If you cannot completely cover the logo with your thumb, the ring is probably not aligned as we had thought.

JanoRings are polarized magnetic rings with interchangeable accessories / characters. Each of these characters have a different function but they all share the same polarized magnetic base in this futuristic and risky proposal.

After the pandemic and forbidding us to share certain things, isolating ourselves from the whole world, we were more eager than ever to be reborn and show our new invention created to be shared and to compete with.

Somos muy fans de crear productos que generen conversaciones, que hagan reflexionar, que resuelvan problemáticas concretas y cambien conductas… pero faltaba uno que, más allá de su usabilidad, su mayor propósito fuera emocionar y entretener. Por eso teníamos tantas ganas de presentar los anillos 420 del futuro hahahha los primeros JanoRings vienen cargados de carácter, movimiento y aceleración. Son personajes nacidos para ser protagonistas de la conversación cada vez que alguien te vea con esto puesto. Provocar que en cualquier lugar y situación del mundo, la reacción sea «wooooooooowww qué es esoo??» y tú puedas lucirte con un par de gestos que hayas practicado y ver varias veces la cara de asombro de tu colega o familiar ^^

Has it ever happened to you that you listen to a song repeatedly for 28463 times and suddenly understand a phrase that you always thought had another meaning? I love it! The works that we value the most are those capable of giving us emotions or making us reflect ... those that, after time believing we know and understand, we return to pay attention and rediscover them, as if they evolved with you and were capable of giving us different things the first time.

Con los JanoRings queríamos acercarnos un poco hacia ese propósito pero a través del diseño industrial. Queremos que cuando lleves tiempo usándolos, descubras nuevos gestos y funcionalidades escondidas. Que al fijarte otra vez en sus geometrías y curvas, esas que aparentemente no servían para nada, meses después apoyes la yema o la uña de una manera un poco distinta sin querer y digas «wooooooooooooo qué hijxsdp!» hahahaha <3 That’s our main goal here!

Try playing and interacting with other products in your environment and you will see how they separate, join, move and rotate and with what desire they stand up looking at you almost threateningly. With PION and AURO we have found very interesting functions when interacting with trays, smartphones, metal table legs, lighters and the refrigerator or household appliances in general. And outside the home they are very useful in the park, scaling things on the streetlights and benches, although you can also stick them on your motorcycle to go from one place to another or on the hood of your car while you roll. A product-match that is also very cool is the ring part + our revolver, you will see that you can hold your smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position and rotate 360º on itself as if it were a desktop tripod. It is also cool to bring a complete PION close to a revolver and see how they seek to get together in very very top positions, making impossible balances and defying the laws of gravity. All this is designed so that they appear in the exhibitors and sideboards of stores and tobacconists worldwide, but we also know that for good posts or stories, these almost sculptural positions will spread a lot.


We highly recommend you to see the launch spot of this product to finish understanding WTF you are seeing and reading because we have lost our minds more than ever hahhaha


We hope you enjoy them very much, that you enjoy them with your closest people and that we can share experiences soon! Hopefully you can think of a thousand new ways to play with our new babies <3

What do you think... should we surprise each other?


Diámetro del dedo – 16mm, Diámetro del dedo – 18mm, Diámetro del dedo – 20mm, Diámetro del dedo – 22mm

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