Papel King Size Unbleached JanoFilters



Yess! We finally have our own rolling paper!

and the best part is that is in collaboration with

@monkeykingbcn 🥳😍🤤


Their ultrathin King size paper🦋


slow burning🐢

and with the classic natural arabic gum👅👌🏻

What else could we ask for? Ah yes!

With our graphic design on the booklet😈

Janists and other collectors🤓…

this is for youuuu🙏🏻


If you own a headshop, tobacco shop

or you are a distributor to selling points

you can already ask + info by mail

JanoFilters Unbleached KingSize Paper

1 booklet of 32 papers, 5 booklets of 32 papers, 50 booklets of 32 papers