Classic rolling cartons presented in an innovative 32-unit refillable packaging to offer your colleagues a carton with one hand and between gestures, caresses and slides transferred to the physical world. If you do some research when you have it in your hands, you will discover a hidden area for a couple of Janos or gr*ms😉

The paper we use in Jano's NATURAL ROLLING TIPS, in addition to being unbleached, free of chlorines and benzenes, we mix very low thickness with high density, offering a perfect, round and easy-to-run roll. If you roll it up on itself pressing a little from the beginning, it will stay in position without having to hold it later!

Forget about the triangular and boring carton tips, get involved with something really premium! Those who have tried it know... how good this product is.

Natural Rolling Tips

1 cajita de 32uds, 5 cajitas de 32uds, 32 cajitas de 32uds

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