Revólver + Recarga de 25uds


This pack includes 1 revolver with your favorite JanoFilters Original shape + 25 Janos color mix refill.

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One of the most noticeable changes in this new version of the revolver, beyond the expansion of models and colors, is that we have increased the thickness of the plush in the magnetized top cap, making it even more reusable and refillable than ever . If after a few uses rubbing off the excess resin, the fleece begins to lose its properties, it will be as easy as tearing a few fibers with your fingers, leaving it clean and like new for longer!

For this new collection we have completely redesigned the inside of the revolver, adding a small central rubber band that will prevent the Janos from falling if the case is opened upside down and, in addition, it will offer a smooth entry and exit of the filters for hundreds of uses!

Llévate tus Janos en un elegante, futurístico y resistente estuche, pensado para caber en cualquier riñonera, bolso y bolsillo. Tan pequeño que lo puedes abrir y cerrar con una sola mano y, gracias al potente imán de neodimio, el gesto de girar la tapa o las ganas con las que se cierra solo en un «clack» se vuelven gustosos y casi adictivo hahahah ¡Sí! ¡Llevamos meses toqueteándolos tooodo el rato modo antiestrés en la oficina xd! click-clack-click-clack en bucle

If you have a metal tray or a lamppost near your favorite spot, you will surely find more uses for it than we ourselves have proposed.

We can finally present the new collection of revolvers that we have been dreaming of since Janoween 2018! An upgrade that we had to do BEFORE going to the next level, the step where we give our 12 Originals shapes the prominence they deserve. With this collection we began to create a project of 12 brands that we will use along our way ... Can you imagine a box of 100 red Love? And a pink Diamond T-shirt? that's what we're talking about ...

Thank you very much once again to all the people who give us their support and affection every day, this collection is what was missing to start working on the future of the brand. Heartfelt thanks from all of Jano Farmily <3

Weight 0.015 g

Diamond Rosa + 25 Janos Color Mix, Wave Turquesa + 25 Janos Color Mix, Ganja Verde + 25 Janos Color Mix, Love Rojo + 25 Janos Color Mix, Uranium Fosforescente Verde + 25 Janos Color Mix, Smile Amarillo + 25 Janos Color Mix

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