The littlest box of JanoFilters that we will fill with a mix of the 12 Originals randomly. If you have special preferences in your mix, (like 5 dollars and 5 diamonds) you can specify it later in the text-box that we have added at the end of the cart.

The smallest format in the house, redesigned in a compact box to fit everywhere. There is no longer an excuse to carry your Janos in any pocket!


Filters made of 100% PLA, an organic polymer that has a porous and absorbent surface. Reusable, washable and completely biodegradable. Even when melted, it does not release toxic fumes. Also, if you lose your head and somehow you light it the other way around, or you like to drain your haze, you will see that it is an organic material due to the toasty smell when burned.

JanoFilters Originals con una gama completa de colores y formas. Rígidos como el vidrio y ligeros como el cartón 😉

The proportions of the Regular size filters allow them to be inserted into the filter of a cigarette, giving that extra point of color to your moments.

Through any of our filters, the smoke enters and flows free of clogging, while blocking the entry of annoying chips from the first to the last puff. In addition, the smoke comes out of the front face without becoming bitter on the way.

Weight 0.005 g

Color Mix

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