The Krabs defilterer made of flexible aluminum and a stainless steel chain/pendant.

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The original format with which the invention was proposed in summer 2018. The aim was to create a simple and stylish wearable tool to hang around your neck and always carry it with you. A jewel to show off on the chest and complement your outfits. Have a defilter on hand and you will always be ready to surprise or to turn your day to the dark side ...

Novedades en esta quinta edición de desfiltradores:

  • Presentamos 5 nuevos modelos; Todos en Negro Mate.
  • Cada Krab V5 viene con 5 gomas intercambiables, «las gomas son compatibles con ediciones pasadas»
  • Mejoramos el anodizado para que sean más densos, potentes y brillantes.
  • Ajuste en el interior del packaging para que el colgante quede mejor agarrado durante el transporte y mejor presentado cuando abras tu cajita 🙂
  • ¡Mantenemos la cadena de militar con sus bolitas inoxidables, con el objetivo que dure años luciendo igual que el primer día!
  • We mantain the aluminium alloy that we have been using since the second edition, the one that made them a more flexible and resistant piece.

Hack for noobs: if you want it to defilter even smoothly and win all the challenges with your friends, gently -and carefully xd- try to open the tip of your Krabs by pulling with your thumbs so that its 2 blades will stop being parallel to be at a small open angle. This way the % of filter that it will grab and compress to deflate will be higher and you will have less risk of making the typical nibble on the filter AKA max fail hahahah The best way to achieve a similar result without deforming your new jewel or loading the parallel lines of your defilter would be to compress the filter with your fingers and, when puncturing the Krabs, it grabs practically the entire filter before extracting it.

Por fin podemos presentar la nueva colección de nuestro invento, el desfiltrador «Krabs by JanoFilters» con más flow y más coleccionables que nuncaaaa!!!

After not having to do the tips, removing the filter from the cig*rette is the most difficult step when it comes to rolling and ... since December 2018 we have not removed a filter with our teeth! So after the success of the first and second editions, we are pleased to present this third edition of defilterers.

After using them for some time, we have been able to collect a few recommendations:

– To defilter: Aim well, put it all the way in (about 2-3mm), squeeze your Krabs and stretch without stopping squeezing.

The optimal sequence of use would be;

1. With the whole cigarette BEFORE ROLLING, extract the filter using the defilterer.
2. Introduce a Jano with the cigar yet to break.
3. Now, break the cigarette and start rolling.

Aparte de asegurar un buen desfiltrado más cómodamente, si desfiltras antes de liar, el Jano entrará suave, sea cual sea tu marca de tabaco y será después, al pinzar, cuando asegurarás el Jano para que no se escape 😉

– The best point to activate it is as close to the tip as possible. The bending will be carried out by exerting less force, so the gesture is smoother and the piece is less damaged.

– It's easier to extract the filter at the beginning of the process -with the whole cigarette- than at the end -when everything is packed-. The same way as with the bite that we've done our whole life, if you loose it, you will have more problems to remove the filter.

– Como toda joyita, no es recomendable ducharse con ella. Evidentemente, no le va a pasar nada por ducharte 20 veces con tu Krabs puesto, pero los acabados perderán su esplendor más rápidamente que no haciéndolo.

– Para lavarlo con un paño húmedo debería bastar, si la mancha es persistente se puede sumergir en agua tibia/caliente o alcohol. No es recomendable limpiarlo con jabón y menos si no es de PH neutro. (La sosa cáustica, presente en la mayoría de jabones convencionales, es el decapador perfecto para los acabados mate texturizados que hemos elegido, así que NO FROTAR CON AGUA Y JABÓN)

Thank you very much once again to all the people who give us their support and affection every day and thank you very much for the patience that you have had waiting more than a year for this collection ^^

Weight 30 g

Ganja Verde, Love Rojo, Wave Turquesa, Monster Naranja, Rosa Diamond

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